Regan McClure

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Regan McClure comes to us from Denison TX. Regan brings over 4+ years of experience from her role as the President of the “Student Council” program at Denison High School. With her superb leadership, and amazing accomplishments...we are proud to have her on our team! “I’m super excited to be apart of Beyond The Curve…I think attitude in difficult times is the determining factor of our character, which is why I chose to join the Beyond The Curve Campaign!” - Regan said. 

Kaylan Ahmed

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Kaylan Ahmed comes to us from McKinney, TX! With her commitment in many different leadership positions in which she holds at McKinney Boyd High School, Kaylan has showed our team her level of commitment to creating an impact in the lives of those around her! With her experience as a leader in her high school band program, Kaylan looks forward to using those skills to create an even bigger impact around the world! We are super excited to have Kaylan on our executive team and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes while continuing her college education! “Making a positive impact on my community is something I am passionate about and am excited to do with my team at Beyond The Curve…” - Kaylan said.

Joseph Skiba

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Joesph Skiba comes to us from McKinney, TX! Joe brings over 3+ years of experience to our campaign! With his role as a Drum Major who attends McKinney Boyd High School, Joe has shown how is leadership will provide beneficial assistance to our executive team! We are proud to have Joe and look forward to all of the amazing projects and events that are yet to come! “I joined the Beyond The Curve Campaign, because I believe it is very important that everyone does their part to give back to those in their community!” - Joe Skiba

Jose Esparza

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Not Available - Coming Soon!

Charis Ardila 

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Charis Ardila comes to us from McKinney, TX! With over 5+ years of experience and a future as a Baylor University student, Charis has shown how her strong passion for helping others can be beneficial in her community! With her leadership and personality, we are excited to have her on our executive team, sharing her passion with others, and turning the overall vision of the Beyond The Curve Campaign into a reality! “I love helping others in way I am able to see…!” - Charis Ardila

Anna Bose

Executive Board - Project/Event Team

Anna Bose comes to us from McKinney, TX! With just a few years of experience, Anna has made it aware to our executive team that her passion and drive along with her level of commitment to making an impact in the lives of many, is one of her strongest traits. With her kind hearted personality, we are super excited to welcome her to our executive team! “I joined the Beyond The Curve campaign, in order to help make a difference in my community! I want to become a part of something that will truly impact individuals all over the world.” - Anna Bose


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