Learn more about the who, what and why our mission was created! Not only do we discuss our overall goal and vision, we discuss the true meaning behind this mission and why it's important that we have members within communities all over the world participate. 


    As communities all around the world face times of hardship, many individuals have stepped up, and have provided time and effort into helping those in need. Following the famous quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world", our campaign BeyondTheCurve was designed to do just that! 


   Many understand that most things in todays world, are hard to get through alone. Therefore, we felt creating a campaign that would continue to encourage more acts of kindness in the world, was something that would benefit not only those in need, but those who are truly interested in giving back to their community. 


   BeyondTheCurve was created to offer those who are looking for ways to "pay it forward", the chance to do so! With events and opportunities in your local area, you can support either by volunteering your time, making a donation, and or even showing up just to support a cause. Our website even allows you to search in one place for major organizations, encouraging you to support the one that sits closest to your heart. 


  "It's important to remember, that we are all in this together...everyone of us in life will fall again and again throughout our individual lives. Knowing you are surrounded by people who care about you and will do almost anything to help you...is something truly special! Getting back on your feet is what everyone should strive to accomplish, says Founder of BeyondTheCurve, Anthony Olague." 


  Once again, our hope is to encourage both love and kindness within our amazing communities all over the world. The truth is...the best results come from activities where a team of passionate and kindhearted individuals work together to accomplish a common goal. Many around the world today, know of a time when they themselves needed help...why not start giving back today and pay it forward! #BeyondtheCurve

Community Involvement 

With the help from those in local communities, we can change the world for the better. Find ways to get connected with those in need and "pay it forward" in your community today!



Learn more about the fundraising events near you. Getting involved whether to donate money, donate your time, and or even just showing up to support, makes a huge difference in everyday lives. 

Charity  Donations

On our website, you can access top charities and organizations. Pick the one that sits closest to your heart, and encourage those around you to donate!

Community Projects

From a community recycling program to building homes for veterans...help is always needed to turn dreams into reality!



With many who are in need of assistance, our website provides local volunteer opportunities to communities all over the world. Get involved and make a difference today!



Our website provides individuals like you, multiple options to raise funds. Maybe that means you donate money, maybe that means you share an organizations platform with others. 



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